West Michigan Storm Frequently Asks Questions

What is Select soccer?

Select soccer is a more competitive level of soccer compared to recreational, like Sailors. Players are able to advance their skills and develop new ones.


Select soccer travels farther than recreational soccer does and usually plays in tournaments that are outside the normal playing area. While the normal playing area is the Muskegon and Grand Rapids areas, there are teams in GVSA in Big Rapids, Ludington, Middleville, Lowell, Cadillac, and Hudsonville. More details can be found at gvsoccer.org


All players are selected to play on a team during the tryout process that takes place in June. If a player is selected for a team, they are making a full year committment for the Fall and Spring season. Teams require a higher time committment level compared to recreational soccer. Many select teams stay together during the winter season and play indoor together.

What is Premier soccer?

Premier soccer is more competitive than select soccer. Just like in select, all players must tryout for a team in June.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are every year in June. For additional details, check out our tryout page.


2022 Tryouts are June 11th for premier, June 13 & 14 for U9-U14 select, and June 15 for U15+

What is the cost of tryouts?

There is no cost to tryout! We just ask that when registration opens online, that you do so to make the day of tryouts go smoother!