"Being a soccer parent is a sacrifice, but it’s also the most rewarding position in the game"

Here at West Michigan Storm, we know that the parent's, grandparents, and/or guardians of our players are not soccer experts, so we've compiled some resources and advice to help you understand the game of soccer better. 

U.S. Soccer has a great article, which you can read here, about sideline etiquette. We highly recommend reading the whole thing, but in short:

1. Avoid coaching from the sidelines: "It’s especially difficult for a child because he or she has a tendency to refer to what a parent says, which often conflicts with the instruction from the coach."

2. Don't criticize the referee : "Spectators should realize that referees are people and will make mistakes"

3. Focus on the benefits on the game rather than the score: Ask your child if they had fun rather than if they won or loss

4. Think when interacting with opposing teams fans: Remember, you're not just representing West Michigan Storm, but you are also representing your child

West Michigan Storm plays within the Grand Valley Soccer Association League. For GVSA information, click here. GVSA uses FIFA's laws of the game, which can be found here. For schedules, click Schedules, Results & Standings on the left side of the GVSA website.